Pink Talk: New Queer Cinema

The Pink Apple Lesbian & Gay Film Festival invited me to host a Pink Talk on New Queer Cinema on 6 May 2015 in Zürich.  On this occasion a fabulous group of filmmakers and critic B. Ruby Rich came together to speak about the emergence of New Queer Cinema (NQC) in the early 1990s, its changes throughout the 2000s, its legacy and possible future incarnations.

Pink Talk New Queer Cinema

Pink Talk: New Queer Cinema   (c) Sandra Meier

In attendance were: B. Ruby Rich — inventor of the label NQC, film critic and UCSC professor; Tom Kalin — filmmaker, producer and Columbia University professor, whose debut feature SWOON (1992) was part of the original NQC canon; Cheryl Dunye — filmmaker and teacher at San Francisco State University, whose short films and debut feature THE WATERMELON WOMAN (1996) shaped the NQC from a African-American lesbian perspective; and Mark Christopher, filmmaker and screenwriter, whose short films were part of the movement.