Talks & Presentations


__ Conference Papers, Presentations, Invited Talks and Public Lectures_________


“Film Circulation and the Significance of Film Festival Circuits.”  Media Industries: Current Debates and Future Directions, King’s College London (UK), 18-20 Apr. 2018.

“Studying Film Circulation on the International Film Festival Circuit.”  Kinomatics: Culture, Meaning and #datatoo, 5-6 Apr. 2018, University of Technology Sydney (AU), 6 Apr. 2018.

“Gender on Screen and Behind the Camera: The German case.”  With Christine Linke.  Kinomatics: Culture, Meaning and #datatoo, 5-6 Apr. 2018, University of Technology Sydney (AU), 5 Apr. 2018.

“Film Circulation on the International Film Festival Circuit.” Masterclass, Monash University, Melbourne (AU), 22 March 2018.

“Bring It Back: The Retrospective Screening.” Panel Discussion, Melbourne (AU), Melbourne Queer Film Festival, 15-26 March 2018, 18 March 2018.

“Festival Workers of All Countries… Speak Out on Working Conditions”. Panel moderation. Berlinale / European Film Market (EFM), Berlin (DE), 21 Feb. 2018.

“New Council of Europe Recommendation on Gender Equality in the Audiovisual Sector–A Roadmap for Change”  Panel Eurimage at Berlinale 2018, Berlin (DE), 16 Feb. 2018.


“World Cinema, Film Festivals and the Politics of Circulation.”  Multivoicedness in European Cinema: Representation, Industry, Politics. An ECREA Film Studies Section Conference, University College Cork (IR), 10–11 Nov. 2017.

“Queering Film Festivals.” Gendersalon QUEER.fest-Special, LMU München & QueerFest München (DE), 4 Nov. 2017.

“Gender stereotypes in Media Productions. And what needs to be done…”  Workshop, Universität der Künste (UdK), Berlin (DE), 2 Nov. 2017.

“Why Film Festivals?”  Panel discussion by Crew United & Filmfest Hamburg, Hamburg (DE), Filmfest Hamburg 5–14 Oct. 2017, 6 Oct. 2017.

“Performative Interventions: How Queer Film Festivals Negotiate Queer Film Culture.”  Queer Screens 2017 conference, Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), 2–3 Sep. 2017.

“How to teach European cinema: The European University Film Award.” Workshop. NECS 2017 Conference “Sensibility and the Senses: Media, Bodies, Practices”, Paris (FR), 28 June 2017.

“Film Festival Circuits: Studying the Hubs in the Festival Network.”  “Circuits of Cinema”, A HoMER Network Conference, Ryerson University, Toronto (CA), 22–24 June 2017.

Moderation of the talk “Hitlers Traumfabrik” – Germany Cinema during Nazi Era with director Rüdiger Suchsland, Exhibition „Artige Kunst“, Kunsthalle Rostock (DE), 1 June 2017.

“Women Directors and the Intervening Role of the Producer in European Cinema: A Pan-European Comparative Study on a Highly Gendered Creative Work Space.”  With Elizabeth Prommer. ICA 2017 “Interventions: Communication Research and Practice”, Feminist Scholarship section, San Diego (US), 25–29 May 2017.

“Assessing Film Circulation Patterns on the Film Festival Circuit.”  ICA 2017 “Interventions: Communication Research and Practice”, Media Industries section, San Diego (US), 25–29 May 2017.

“Exhibition, Distribution, Circulation: Considering the Flow of Films through the Festival Circuit.”  ICA Preconference “Distribution Matters: Media Circulation in Civic Life and Popular Culture”, SDSU, San Diego (US), 25 May 2017.

Moderation Panel “Digitale Methoden.” “New Film History – und dann?”  2. Workshop der AG Filmwissenschaft, Philipps-Universität Marburg (DE), 19 May 2017.

Moderation Panel “Stoffe mit regionaler Identität für den Film- und TV-Markt.”  3. Branchenkonferenz Film und Medien Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, 3–4 May 2017, Schwerin (DE), Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, 2–7 May 2017, 3 May 2017.

“Festival Strategies: Dos and Don’ts.”  Workshop, East-West Talent Lab, goEast: Festival of Central and Eastern European Film, Wiesbaden (DE), 26 April–2 May 2017, 28 April 2017.

Beitrag zu Roundtable “Emanzipatorische Praktiken in Medienkulturen” im Workshop “(Queer)Feministische Interventionen in mediatisierte Öffentlichkeiten: Ansätze in Wissenschaft, Politik, Kunst und Medien”, Universität Tübingen (DE), 3-4 März 2017.

Chairing “I cannot believe we are still protesting! Where are we coming from? Where do we stand? What should be the next steps?”  5th Discussion on the status of women in film business and gender equity on the occasion of the 67th Berlin International Film Festival, Berlin (DE), Berlinale 9–19 Feb. 2017, 16 February 2017.

“Zirkulation im Filmfestivalnetzwerk: methodische Herausforderungen und Vorschläge” “Media Industries: Aktuelle Positionen deutschsprachiger Forschung” 1. Workshop der AG Medienindustrien der Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft (GfM), Universität Rostock (DE), 27. Jan. 2017


“Performing Politics: Zur Re/Präsentation im Werk von Vika Kirchenbauer.”  “Körper-Praxis-Performance” 2. Rostocker Ringvorlesung zur Gender und Queer Studies & “Aktionstage gegen Sexismus, Homo-, Trans*, Inter*- und Biphobie”, Universität Rostock (DE), WiSe 2016/17, 14 November 2016.

Panel participant at the inaugural network meeting “Festivalarbeit gerecht gestalten” (festival work structured fairly), invited by the Initiative Festivalarbeit (festival work), DOK Leipzig, Leipzig (DE), 4 November 2016.

Talk about history of queer film festivals and queer cinema, invited talk at 20th anniversary of Perlen Queer Film Festival Hannover (DE), 16 October 2016.

“Travelling the Circuit(s): Women’s and Queer Cinema at Film Festivals”, invited keynote lecture, “Women, Film Culture and Globalization” international conference, Montreal/QC (CA), Concordia University, 2–4 September 2016.

“New Queer Cinema: queere Ästhetik, Community und Politik jenseits des Mainstreams”, Out of the Past: Queere Filmgeschichte_n, film introduction to Go Fish, Cinema, Münster (DE), 17 May–1 September 2016.

“Festivals as Teaching Sites: A Roundtable on the Future of Film Festival Pedagogy”, workshop presentation, NECS Conference 2016 “in/between: cultures of connectivity”, Potsdam (DE), 28–30 July 2016.

“Career Paths in the European Film Industry: How to Become a Director and Really Work in the Industry”, paper written with Elizabeth Prommer, NECS Conference 2016 “in/between: cultures of connectivity”, Potsdam (DE), 28–30 July 2016.

“Circulation and Media Industry Research”, invited presentation for “Changes and Challenges within the Field of Cinema and Media Studies”, NECS Pre-conference Workshop, Potsdam (DE), 27 July 2016.

“Interventionen in Repräsentations- und Rezeptionsregime: Zu Sichtbarkeit und Anerkennung bei Vika Kirchenbauer”, invited talk in the lecture series “Anerkennung und Sichtbarkeit in Medienkulturen”, Universität Tübingen (DE), summer semester 2016.

“Underrepresented but of high quality: German and European feature films by female directors”, with Elizabeth Prommer, “Popular Culture – Gender – Agency” interdisciplinary colloquium of Gender Research at the University of Rostock (DE), 19–21 May 2016.

Input presentation at “Cinema in Transition” Branchentreffen, Diagonale: Festival des Österreichischen Films, Graz (A), 8–13 March 2016.

Chair for “Queer Film Festivals in Practice” panel discussion, Queer Academy Conference, 17 February 2016, Teddy Award, Berlin (DE), Berlinale 11–21 February 2016.

“Performative Intervention: What does Lampedusa have to do with Queer Film Culture? ” Keynote lecture, “Queer Film Festivals as Activism: An International Symposium”, Manchester (GB), 5–6 February 2016.


“Selection of Queer Cinema for Film Festivals. ” Workshop with Theresa Brunk. “Aktionstage gegen Sexismus, Homo-, Trans*, Inter*- und Biphobie”, University of Rostock (DE), 6.-25. November 2015.

“Film festivals as sanctuaries within the film industry? Women directors on the film festival circuit.” ECREA Film Studies Section conference “European Cinemas, Intercultural Meetings: Aesthetics, Politics, Industry, History”, Copenhagen (DK), 13–14 November 2015.

Chair for “Queer Film Festival Programming” panel discussion. Scottish Queer International Film Festival (SQIFF), Glasgow (GB), 24–27 September 2015.

52 Tuesday and Queer Film Festivals.” Invited talk and film introduction. Kinemathek Asta Nielsen & Spectrale: Feminist Queer Film Festival, Frankfurt am Main (DE), 24 June 2015.

“Mapping the Circuit: Methodological Considerations of New Empiricism and the Spatial Turn.” NECS Conference 2015 “Archives of/for the Future”, Łódź (PL), 18–20 June 2015.

Chair for “Spaces, Bodies, and Things: On Archives of Emotions” panel. NECS Conference 2015 “Archives of/for the Future”, Łódź (PL), 18–20 June 2015.

“New Queer Cinema and Beyond.” Roundtable moderation. Pink Apple: Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Zurich (CH), 6 May 2015.

“Who Directs German Feature Films? Gender Report 2009-2013” Presentation at industry meeting, International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund|Köln, Dortmund (DE), 18 April 2015.

“Film Festivals and the Politics of Circulation.” Presentation in workshop “The ‘World Cinema’ Turn in Film Studies.” SCMS Conference, Montreal/QC (CA), 25–29 March 2015.

“Speaking in (Queer) Tongues: LGBT Film Festivals and the Politics of Language.” Panel respondent. SCMS Conference, Montreal/QC (CA), 25–29 March 2015.


“Queer Film Festivals as Global Phenomenon: A Historical Overview.” Public talk in the “PolDo” (Political Thursday) series at Peter-Weiss-Haus in cooperation with Queer Film Festival Rostock (DE), 23 October 2014.

“Queer Cinema: Definitions and Perspectives.” Workshop, AG Gender und Antidiskriminierung, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Hamburg (DE), 18 October 2014.

“Performativity and LGBT/Q Film Festivals.” Queer Film Culture: Queer Cinema and Film Festivals, International conference, Hamburg (DE), 14-15 October 2014.

“Methodological Challenges in the Study of Film Circulation on the International Film Festival Circuit.”  NECS Conference 2014 “Creative Energies » Creative Industries”, Milan (IT), 19–21 June 2014.

“Short and queer (Kurz und queer)”.  Workshop with Dagmar Brunow, Hamburg International Short Film Festival , Hamburg (DE), 5 June 2014.

Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story.  Introduction to the opening film of the festival sidebar “Inszenierte Dokumente“, Dokumentarfilmwoche Hamburg, 10 April 2014.

“Film Festivals as Institutions of Cosmopolitan Film Culture.”  Invited.  Cosmopolitan Cinema – Arts and Politics in the Second Modernity, International conference, University of Bayreuth (DE), 3–5 April 2014.

“Queer Cinema”. Invited one-day workshop, AG Gender, Evangelische Studienstiftung Villigst, Bremen (DE), 21 March 2014.


“Film Festivals and Matters of Gender and Sexuality.”  Invited panel presentation, “Film Festival Research Symposium – Film Festivals, Culture and Gender”, Kadir Has University, Istanbul (TR), 27 December 2013.

“Queer Circuits: The Flow of LGBT Films within the Film Festival Ecosystem.”  ECREA Film Studies Section Interim Conference “European Film Cultures: An International Conference”, Lund University (SE), 8–9 November 2013.

“Exchange Networks: The International Film Festival Circuit.”  Screen Studies Conference, Glasgow University (GB), 28–30 June 2013.

“Researching Film Festivals.”  Invited panel presentation, NECS Preconference Workshop “Researching Documentary Film Festivals: Academics vs Professionals”, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague (CZ), 19 June 2013.

“Network Exchange: The International Film Festival Circuit and Global Film Circulation.”  NECS Conference 2013 “Media Politics – Political Media”, Charles University, Prague (CZ) 20–22 June 2013.

“Quotable Evidence? The Dilemma of Insider Information in Film Festival Research.”  SCMS Conference, Chicago/IL (US), 6–10 March 2013.

“Film Festival Research.”  Invited panel presentation, Research Network Workshop “Consuming Chinese Cinemas in the 21st Century”, University of Amsterdam (NL), 23 January 2013.


“Festivalstandort Hamburg: Konzepte und Programme.” With Kathrin Kohlstedde (Filmfest Hamburg).  Talk in public lecture series “Film- und Fernsehstandort Hamburg. Dialoge zwischen Wissenschaft und Praxis”, Universität Hamburg (DE), 3 December 2012.

Tintenfischalarm.  Film talk with documentary protagonist Alex Jürgen, “Der inter*geschlechtliche Körper – Diskurs/Begegnungen im literarischen Text” conference, Universität Wien, Vienna (AT), 22–24 November 2012.

“Filmfestivals – Vermittler oder Player der Filmindustrie?”  GfM Conference, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/Main (DE), 3–6 October 2012.

“Academics and Festivals: On the Flow of Labor, Expertise and Influence Between”, NECS Conference 2012, Lisbon (PT), 21–23 June 2012.

“Queer Media Studies.”  With Jan Pinseler.  screen strike! Gender, Medien, Kritik Conference, GfM Workgroup “Gender & Medien”, Vienna (AT), 10–12 May 2012.

“Social Change?! The Status of Women’s Film Festivals Today.”  Invited Keynote, discussion “Women’s Film Festival in Dialogue”, International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund | Köln, Cologne (DE), 17–22 April 2012.

“Teaching Film Festivals: Between Theory and Practice.”  SCMS Conference, Boston/MA (US), 21–25 March 2012.

“Queer Cinema History.”  Talk in clip lecture series “100 Jahre Lichtspieltheater UT Connewitz – Eine Reise durch die Filmgeschichte”, UT Connewitz, Leipzig (DE), 26 January 2012.

“(Queerer) Film als soziale Praxis: (Queere) Filmfestivals.”  Graduate Conference, Internationales Bremer Symposium zum Film “Was ist Kino? Auswählen, Aufführen, Erfahren”, Universität Bremen & Kommunales Kino Bremen, Bremen (DE), 19–22 January 2012.


“Raum für Visionen: Queere Filmfestivals zwischen Gegenöffentlichkeit, Performativität und Heterotopie.”  Talk in lecture series “que(e)r_einsteigen”, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Halle (DE), 15 December 2011.

“The Queer Film Festival Phenomenon in a Global Historical Perspective.”  For a History of Festivals | Pour une histoire des festivals (XIXe-XXIe siècles) Conference, Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris (FR), 24–26 November 2011.

“Fun in Boys Shorts/Fun in Girls Shorts: Programmstrategien bei LGBT/Queer Filmfestivals.”  Talk in lecture series “Un/Verblümt: Queere Ästhetiken und Theorien in Kunst, Design und Musik”, HfK Bremen & Kulturwiss. Institut Ossietzky-Universität Oldenburg, Bremen (DE), 20 October 2011.

I’m Not There.  Film introduction at 18th queerfilm: schwul-lesbisch-transgender filmfestival, Bremen (DE), 16 October 2011.

“Film Festival Studies: Concepts and Approaches.”  With Marijke de Valck.  Invited talk for Association of East Asian Film Studies, Hanyang University, Seoul (KR), 8 October 2011.

“Relations between Film Festivals and Industry.”  Invited panel presentation of Film Festival Research Network (FFRN), 1st Busan Cinema Forum, 16th Busan International Film Festival, Busan (KR), 11 October 2011.

“Was darf gezeigt werden? Bewegte Bilder von Sexualität und Beziehung im Wandel.”  Keynote at 30th anniversary of pro familia Schleswig-Holstein, Norderstedt (DE), 23 September 2011.

“From Activism to Industry? The Role of Queer Film Festivals in the Larger Film Festival Circuit.”  NECS Conference 2011 “Sonic Futures “, Birkbeck & King’s College, University of London (GB), 23–26 June 2011.

Nicht der Homosexuelle ist pervers, sondern die Situation in der er lebt.  Film introduction and panel discussion, Side-by-Side LGBT International Film Festival St. Petersburg / German Week Goethe Institute, St. Petersburg (RU), 17 April 2011.

“Queer Film Festivals.”  Guest lecture in “Cinematic Cities” course taught by Sylvia Mieszkowski, Amsterdam University College, Amsterdam (NL), 15 April 2011.

“Queer Film Festivals between Community, Stakeholders and Cultural Policy.” Cultural Studies Association Conference “New Directions in Cultural Studies”, Columbia College, Chicago/IL (US), 24–26 March 2011.

“Legal and Organizational Structures of Queer Film Festivals.”  SCMS Conference “Media Citizenship”, New Orleans/LA (US), 10–13 March 2011.

“R/Evolution des Road Movie Genres: Queer Road Movie.”  Talk in public lecture series “Genre Reloaded”, Universität Hamburg (DE), 4 January 2011.

My Own Private Idaho.  Film introduction for the film series “Genre Reloaded”, Metropolis Kino Hamburg (DE), 3 January 2011.


“Queering Media Studies: Potentials and Consequences of Applying a Queer Perspective to the Study of Media.”  With Jan Pinseler.  ECREA 2010 Conference, Hamburg (DE), 12–15 October 2010.

“Precarious Cultural Work: About the Organization of Queer Film Festivals.”  NECS Conference 2010 “Urban Mediations”, Istanbul (TR), 24–27 June 2010.

“Film Festival Research Methodology.”  SCMS Conference, Los Angeles/CA (US), 17–21 March 2010.


“Wie queer sind LGBT Filmfestivals? Identitätsbasierte Festivals zwischen Community-Geschichte und theoretischem Anspruch.”  Talk in lecture series “Jenseits der Geschlechtergrenzen”, Universität Hamburg (DE), 2 December 2009.

“Bildschön. 20 Jahre Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg.”  Talk for the Gay Caucus Ossietzky-Universität Oldenburg (DE), 23 November 2009.

“Queer Media Studies.”  With Jan Pinseler. Gender, Queer und Medien – Gegenwärtige Ansätze und Perspektiven” Conference of the DGPuK Workgroup “Medien, Öffentlichkeit und Geschlecht” with Research Centre for Media and Communication (RCMC) at the Universität Hamburg (DE), 5–7 November 2009.

“Queer Programming Strategies.”  NECS Conference 2009 “Locating Media”, Lund (SE), 25–28 June 2009.


“(Sexuell) Freie deutsche Jugend?  Filmische Imaginationen von Queerness in der DDR.”  Talk in lecture series “Jugend – Film – Gender”, Universität Hamburg (DE), 16 December 2008.

“The Gendercator Controversy: Challenging Transgender Representation.”  TransSomatechnics: Theories and Practices of Transgender Embodiment Conference, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver/BC (CA), 1–3 May 2008.


“The History of Queer Cinema.”  Invited talk at Mezipatra 2007: 8th Czech Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Prague (CZ), 6 November 2007.

“featuring interventions. Repräsentationspraxen in popkulturellen Gegenöffentlichkeiten.”  Workshop with Alek Ommert.  Im Zeichen des Geschlechts: Repräsentation, Konstruktion, Intervention, graduate conference, Universität Frankfurt/Main (DE), 4–6 October 2007.

“Queerness of the Screens: How Queer Are LGBT Film Festivals in the US and Germany?”  Screen Studies Conference 2007, University of Glasgow (GB), 6–8 July 2007.

“(Menschenrechts-)Politik als ‘Visibility Project’?”  With Jules V. Sturm.  Workshop Queer, Sexualpolitiken und der Menschenrechtsdiskurs, Institute for Queer Theory Hamburg (DE), 19 May 2007.


Beautiful Boxer.  Film comment in film series “Blurring Gender. Visionen der Uneindeutigkeit”, “Re-Visionen der Zukunft. Perspektiven der Geschlechterforschung” Conference, TU Braunschweig (DE), 4–6 May 2006.


“Queer Cinema: Der Versuch einer umfassenden Begriffsbestimmung.” Film- und Fernsehwissenschaftliches Kolloquium, Universität Mannheim (DE), March 2005.